Faculty in the Production Systems Area utilize advanced information technology approaches to develop methods for productivity gains in supply chain management, systems optimization, and engineering design, which can be applied to systems such as medical services, manufacturing, energy production, and transportation.


The faculty affiliated with the Production Area are listed below. Descriptions of specific research projects in this area can be accessed through research links on the individual faculty pages.

Production Systems Faculty with Primary Appointments in MIE

Andrew Kusiak

Research Interests: Data mining, evolutionary computation, healthcare systems, medical technology, reengineering, engine manufacturing, process modeling.

Peter J. O'Grady

Research Interests: Supply chain design, large scale networks, collaborative systems for design and manufacturing, financial engineering and distributed design.

Production Systems Faculty with Secondary Appointments in MIE

Kurt Anstreicher

Research Interests: Linear and nonlinear programming, interior-point algorithms, nonlinear integer programming.


Numerous graduate courses in the Production Systems Area are offered at both the 100- and 200-levels.