Faculty in the Human Factors Area are concerned with the interaction of people with engineering systems, such as automobiles, airplanes, robots, and medical simulators and measurement equipment. Many faculty and students in this area at Iowa are affiliated with the Center for Computer-Aided Design (CCAD) and the Public Policy Center. They also interact with the transportation group within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, the mechanical systems group in Mechanical Engineering Program, and with the Neuroscience Department in the University of Iowa Medical School.


The faculty affiliated with the Human Factors Area are listed below. Descriptions of specific research projects in this area can be accessed through research links on the individual faculty pages.

Human Factors Faculty with Primary Appointments in MIE

Thomas Schnell

Research Interests: Human factors, driver behavior assessment and measurement, accident analyses, perception and information processing, sensory capabilities and limitations, industrial hygiene; computer simulation (traffic engineering or manufacturing), statistical analysis and modeling, software and database design, intelligent systems, image processing and vision systems.

Geb Thomas

Research Interests: Virtual reality, robotics, human-computer interaction.


Human Factors Faculty with Secondary Appointments in MIE

Matthew Rizzo

Research Interests: Behavioral disturbances resulting from CNS injury, neural substrates of human vision (attention and visuomotor coordination), aging and dementia, driving performance in neurological disease, driving simulation.


Numerous graduate courses in the Human Factors Area are offered at both the 100- and 200-levels.