Welcome from the DEO

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, the home of two independent programs, graduating future engineers and leaders to meet the needs of modern industries and service organizations. Our programs offer high quality and versatile education in two different accredited majors, industrial engineering (IE) and mechanical engineering (ME). Undergraduate students in both majors specialize in a number of different areas (called elective focus areas) ranging from engineering design, materials, and processes to energy systems, management, human factors, medical systems, manufacturing, information systems, and entrepreneurship. We also offer certificate programs in wind energy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

The undergraduate programs (leading to BS degree in ME or IE) are designed for undergraduates to earn minors and double majors ranging from business and mathematics to music and languages. The rich selection of standard focus areas, minors, double majors, and student defined specialization areas, allow undergraduates to follow their dream professions. Undergraduate students interested in furthering their education, without fully committing to the graduate school, may select the joint BS/MS Program which offers interesting career paths for IE and ME majors. Besides professions in variety of mechanical and industrial engineering areas, our graduates have become lawyers, medical doctors, hospital administrators, educators, and executives in manufacturing and service industry of almost any type.

At graduate level, we offer Master of Science and Doctoral programs in two majors, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. The graduate curricula in both majors are designed for MS and PhD students to take courses in the home program of industrial or mechanical engineering as well as to explore areas in classes offered across all colleges at the University of Iowa. The graduate students may choose to research areas marked by the long-standing departmental excellence in computer-aided design, ship hydrodynamics, processes, management, human factors, and simulation studies or to follow emerging topics in biomanufacturing, renewable energy, new materials, data analytics, and diverse medically related domains. Our collaborative links with the College of Medicine and the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics are as strong and those we have enjoyed for decades with local and national corporations.

I welcome your suggestions for program improvement and building excellence.

Ching-Long Lin

Department Chair and Professor